Kumbuya Community Spotlight: Fitness Fanatics

Mackenzie Kelly, Community Manager of Fitness Fanatics


As a fitness model and YouTube fitness coach, I have always wanted to help others stay motivated to getting into shape.  Honestly, from time to time I think everyone has needed a pep talk. Today, with social media, it’s easier than ever to share motivational quotes and sayings with images, text and video.

Helping others get in shape and off the couch is something that drives me every day and Kumbuya has helped me be able to share the information with others in ways other social media sites aren’t able to. With my Fitness Fanatics community I’m able to reach hundreds of people with one post. It’s absolutely amazing and a great feeling to know that I’m able to make a difference in that many people’s lives.


I like the ease and ability to share the information and motivation with others on a regular basis. Helping people stay motivated is sometimes difficult, but Kumbuya gives me a forum to be able to do so on a large scale basis.

If fitness came in a bottle then everyone would have a good body. Hard work pays off and sometimes we need a little extra push to get going.

If you’ve ever wanted to help motivate and share with others, now is a great time to be able to do so in the fitness fanatics community. Join it today!

Kumbuya Community Spotlight: Video Game News

Jordan Everett Scott, Community Contributor, Video Game News

As a student on my way to a Bachelors in Creative Writing and Literature I’ve always found myself drawn to compelling stories and interesting characters. What better place than a relatively new form of storytelling became an industry that makes billions of dollars every year: video games. With the ability to experience places, people, and stories that could (or couldn’t) exist it is no surprise that the gaming industry has grown away from the old stereotype of children and immature males playing by themselves to an interconnected group of men and women of all backgrounds, races, and ages enjoying a hobby that let’s them live not just one life, but an infinite number in any world they choose.


Interaction with our fans is a top priority and Kumbuya has helped us in ways that other social media sites cannot. By creating a community where fans can not only find our work but also share their own discoveries we can truly collaborate at a level that is hard to find anywhere else. We look forward to utilizing this group to find content and create a more warm, communal atmosphere on an otherwise sterile social media landscape.

As fans we at Gamer Assault Weekly were lucky to find ourselves, with our passion for gaming, in a position whe

re we could interact with other gamers by helping them find everything they could want to know about our hobby. From news, reviews, interviews, and even access to events where we can get hands on with all the games and tech before the public we are here to provide that with others just like us.

Come join the group Video Game News group and let your voice be heard. You may be experiencing stories out there, but just like in gaming, you can now interact and be a part of that storytelling!

Kumbuya Community Spotlight: The Vampire Diaries

Ruthie Heard, Community Manager of The Vampire Diariesvampire diaries

When I started Vampire Diaries Online (a fansite for the hit TV show on The CW, The Vampire Diaries), I had no idea what I was getting myself into. You see, The Vampire Diaries fandom is an extremely passionate fanbase, who prides themselves on their dedication to the TV show, cast and crew, not to mention their infinite loyalty to their OTPs (one true pairings, aka “ships”, aka fav relationships on the show). Running a Vampire Diaries fansite has been an amazing experience, but what I didn’t expect, is meeting so many people from all over the world, people I call my friends…TVD Family. And I did that via social media. Which brings me to one of my favorite things about running a fansite for The Vampire Diaries; connecting with fellow fans via social media.  Whether it be Twitter or Facebook, or most importantly, the TVD Community on Kumbuya.

Kumbuya’s Official Vampire Diaries Community is just another cool way fans can interact with each other. Sharing the top TVD news stories, spoilers, photos, videos and fan creations, is a wonderful way to engage with other fans about something they love…The Vampire Diaries. And the TVD Community provides a perfect platform for doing just that.


I’m hoping as the TVD Community on Kumbuya continues to grow, we will see more fans sharing content and interacting with each other. I’d love to see a way for the members to engage on an individual basis via private messaging and private chat.

Fan of The Vampire Diaries? Then you should definitely check out the TVD Community on Kumbuya! Come join us and share your favorite Vampire Diaries content!

Who doesn’t want to win a bottle of Chanel N*5? Here’s how!

Juliana Marques, Editor in-chief and Community Manager for Fashion on Rock


Created by Gabrielle Chanel to be the ultimate in femininity, N°5 has cast a spell on millions of women — and men — around the world. Inimitably luxurious and infinitely seductive, its legend lives, each year adding to its mystery, its depth, its desirability. Immortalized by Marilyn Monroe, who, when asked, “What do you wear to bed?” responded, “CHANEL N°5. The legendary fragrance Chanel 5* inspired my lovely Kumbuya team and l to do a contest giving you a bottle of Chanel N5*. Going on now, Kumbuya and Fashion on Rock will give away one bottle for a guy and another for a girl. All you need to do is go to Fashion on Rock community and post a picture of your best look, whatever you like and feel that you could win a Chanel N5*. It will be amazing been able to see each of you and be able to send to the best look a bottle of Chanel N5*.Good Luck!

Kumbuya Community Spotlight: Warner Archive

Aurora Borealis, Warner Archive Community Manager


I am a classic movie fan.  What that means in its simplest term is that I, and those of my ilk, are an enthusiastic, passionate lot who think spending hour after hour after hour watching classic movies is what we were put here to do.  If you’re thinking, “geek” you would be correct.  We are, indeed, proud geeks who also happen to be loud about our passion.  You see, the only thing that measures up to watching one old movie after another is talking about one old movie after another.  That is what led me to this day – when my geekiness met an archive of classic films and a forum on which to hail them.  A match made in heaven…

Warner Archive

Ninety years after its birth Warner Bros. Studio (WB) continues to make hugely popular movies.  The already legendary The Dark Knight Trilogy and Harry Potter series shows WB is not slowing down, continuing to give audiences what they want as it intended so many years ago.  However, from a classic film fan’s perspective, the legacy set forth by the brothers Warner nine decades ago is best served by ensuring we have access to the films that set the standard, gems from days gone by, also known as our beloved classics.


Warner Archive is the “arm” of Warner Bros. where rare and hard-to-find classic films and television programs wait to be discovered and adored by movie fans.  The Archive makes these classics, which span from the 1920s to contemporary films and television programs, available for purchase and offers an ever-growing list through their streaming service, Warner Archive Instant, which was introduced in April of this year.  Instant is now also available on an iPad app.  Yes, that means continuous access to film rarities.  In other words, heaven.

So now I have Warner Archive and I’m ready to preach.  And a pulpit appears called Kumbuya.  A community is formed, a place where fans – be they novices or experts – can converge to share, comment, even chat about all that is offered through the Archive, which in essence spans the entire history of motion pictures.  For me it is the perfect coupling wherein I can fully realize my geekness.


What you’ll find in the Warner Archive Community are rare images of stars like Cagney, Gable, Crawford and Stanwyck before they were CAGNEY, GABLE, CRAWFORD and STANWYCK.  You can read reviews and commentaries written by blogging cinephiles much like myself.  You can watch trailers and clips, read quotes, share history and background information.  There are give-a-ways, live chats, debates and recommendations.  We highlight stars, films, share news on new products, sales events and what-have-you all centered on the ninety-plus years of entertainment that Warner Archive represents.

In short, there is no end to this wonderful madness and I am thrilled to be immersed in a world I so enjoy.  It truly is a gift that keeps on giving.  The Warner Archive Community is a place for passion, a place for glamour, a place for romance, a place for gritty gangsters, crimes of hatred and greed, gorgeous technicolor and the dark streets of noir.  Let me entertain you, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!

Kumbuya Community Spotlight: The Travel Hub

Dominique Batjes, Community Manager of The Travel Hub

Creating The Travel Hub on Kumbuya was a way for me to not only showcase countries that I have visited but also to encourage other travelers to do the same.  Having a community gives fellow travelers thoughts on their next destination as well as inexperienced travelers ideas on where to travel to first.  I’ve noticed that many people do not travel as much based on the large expenses they might incur.  However, with The Travel Hub on Kumbuya I am able to express how simple it can be to travel on a budget.  Other members in the community are welcomed to share their experience and secrets as well.

Growing up in Chicago has led me on many intriguing encounters with tourists from all around the world.  I spent a majority of my life growing up in predominantly Polish neighborhoods, which led me to my first travel destination….Poland!  I have always taken conversations with foreigners into consideration when looking into new destinations.  A local knows best and can show you all of the hidden gems across the way.  You never know they might welcome you into their home and even become your personal tour guide!  Traveling is a way for you to experience different cultures, food and music firsthand.  What better way to discover these then to hear it from the people who have already been to that state or country!


Kumbuya is an incredibly simple way of connecting with individuals interested in similar topics from across the world.  Once a person is apart of a community they can post pictures, videos and respond or start topics as they please.  Being a leader of a community allows me to create a continuous flow of activity among community members.  Kumbuya allows me to connect throughout other social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and share The Travel Hub with friends, family as well as others with similar interests.

It has always been my dream to create my own website based on my traveling experiences.  Kumbuya has allowed me to make my hobby to the next level.  I’ve never been able to express my thoughts and experiences so easily until now!  Eventually I would love for The Travel Hub to become the first destination when travelers seek advice and immediate opinions.  I want my community to grow and have continuous activity globally, creating a steady flow of traffic allowing me to have others in the community interacting with one another. As a matter of fact based on someone’s previous post in my community, they have persuaded me to take part in my next journey.  That will be…. you’ll have to wait and see on my next post in The Travel Hub.

Bon Voyage!!!


Kumbuya Community Spotlight: Art, Design and Social Media

dffb11c5882a37a9c83f1471b46ffd19ad8106d9Allison Cavanaugh, Community Manager of Art, Design and Social Media

As a photographer, writer, and designer I am frequently looking for ways to promote my work and to discover other emerging artists. Several months ago, I came across Kumbuya, a social media site that allows me to do just that! Kumbuya is a platform for unearthing and sharing original and/or interesting material. I created a tribe called Art, Design, and Social Media where I am able to post and sell my work and invite others to do the same. In addition to my own tribe, I have been able to join other tribes that appeal to a variety of my interests both personally and professionally.

The work I do as a photographer that is most gratifying may be considered a bit eccentric. Rather than primarily focusing on events, landscapes, and flowers, I like to create pieces that are conceptual and experimental. They include everything from mud to tarantulas! While this does not appeal to everyone, Kumbuya is set up in a way that allows you to connect with those who appreciate and share your tastes and interests so I am able to freely share my work and find others who have similar styles! Kumbuya allows users to like, share, or comment on content that they find interesting or think would fit well in their own tribes!

Want to find, share, or sell work with the Kumbuya community? Check out my tribe here and start sharing!

Kumbuya Community Spotlight: Internet Marketing Geeks

Carly Webber, Community Manager of Internet Marketing Geeks

Let’s be honest. The world of internet marketers is a world of geeks, nerds, meme enthusiasts and general fun-havers. This is why when Volume 9 created a group on the social networking site, Kumbuya, we went with the name Internet Marketing Geeks. This name covers all-things-internet – from Google jokes to Google algorithm changes (and obviously some jokes about the algorithm changes).


Kumbuya has provided a place for us geeks to unite on the internet – a place to share updates about the industry, jokes that only us geeks would find funny, as well as a place to share fun events that happen in the Volume 9 offices. In the all-online atmosphere of today, Kumbuya provides a virtual hang-out and content sharing platform for us internet geeks that we love. We think that our community has grown over the last year because people in our industry love being connected to others via the web. The open-sharing environment that Kumbuya has created is great way to share ideas – which in a content marketing world, is invaluable.

Volume 9 Inc. is an internet marketing firm in Denver – our expertise is in SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. We are also proud geeks – you’ll usually hear us quoting memes and then laughing an excessive amount about said memes. At Volume 9, we do our best to stay on top of all happenings in the industry, which is why we plan on continuing to use Kumbuya to share industry updates, memes, jokes and other internet marketing related content.


New Features – 9/10/2013

This morning we released some cool new features to the site. Along with bug fixes and minor tweeks to many of the existing features these were some that may be worth noting:


When you find content or sale items that you want to remember, you can scroll over them and click the “tag” button. Enter a tag that correctly categorizes the content. For example, if you want to remember a picture of a bear use the tag “animals”. This will automatically create a folder, in this case an “animals” folder. The folder will appear when you click on the folder icon in the header of any page. Click on the folder to view the tagged content.

We Removed “nofollow” Tags

When you share links throughout Kumbuya, all of those links now have increased SEO benefits to the site you are linking. We did this to add value and encourage our community members with great content to share it here first.

Upload Multiple Pictures

You can now upload multiple images from your desktop simultaneously, which will save you time and energy!


Kumbuya in the Media

Kumbuya is so honored to have received such amazing press coverage this past week.  Between the successful Media Camp Demo Day last Tuesday in Los Angeles and landing an amazing deal with Warner Bros. on Monday, we’ve been featured cross-country from The Chicago Tribune and Built In Chicago to The Hollywood Reporter We are truly grateful for the recognition and are excited for Kumbuya’s future!

Also, be sure to watch the video of our CEO, Joshua Karp, presenting Kumbuya at the Media Camp Demo Day below!


Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 6.00.58 PM


Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 2.15.01 PM


Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 6.04.23 PM